Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Stress

Sorry I haven't been around for a while.  I've been working 12 hour days, planning holiday parties and functions and toy drives and I've just been missing my dad an awful lot - so whenever I'm not frantically busy I'm collapsing.  Thanks again to everyone for their kind words and prayers.  I really wish we could get together sometime!

It’s that time of year again – except that for most of us who’ve only been on P10 since (or after) January – it’s a whole different type of stress.

A week or so ago I was all pumped up to ‘lose 10 by year end’ but I’ll tell you I’m more likely to lose my mind instead of 10 lbs.  Have you noticed that every time you get going on P10, life happens?  Too bad we don’t get together and exercise instead of eating sweets and treats but we can all try to get through this together.

Christine writes ‘My husband and I just started the P10 diet the day after Thanksgiving and are anticipating holiday parties with some nervousness.  Any advice to get through them successfully?’

Here's some advice:

Before you go to a party, eat a P10 light meal or big snack to curb your appetite
OR try to get in a workout before you get ready to go, which will also curb your appetite

I made one of these for a work party
and everyone loved it!

If you're asked to bring a dish, bring something you'll be able to eat.
Scope out the snack table for fruit, veggies and nuts and cheese.

Keep some water bottles with you in case all there is to drink is booze, soda or more booze (that happened to me at a party, I was losing my mind, they didn't have anything else to drink!)

Don't don't don't beat yourself up.  Eat right, eat light but if you're going to die without a small brownie or cookie, have a bit of it so you don't feel like your night wasn't any fun.

A NEW TV GAME!  You know that drinking game where you’re watching a show (let’s say Top Chef) and every time they say certain key words like ‘passion, style, method’ instead of downing a shot, do five sit-ups, push-ups or arm curls with weights. 

Try to take some time to work out or walk it off or relax – just because you may not be eating as well doesn’t mean you need to let everything else slip.  The continual exercise will help you keep on track.  And now that it’s cold you have to keep moving to keep warm!

It's easy for me to say!  It's not so easy to do....let's all share ideas on how to get through the holidays together.

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  1. Thanks sweetie....you are pretty awesome....been missing you...I haven't been doing so great what with the holidays but I am not discouraged I know I can do this....as I know you can....not sure I am gonna make my 185 by 12/25 but I feel great...love you sister friend