Friday, November 9, 2012

Homemade Chocolate

A salty side and a non salty side!
I think we'd all like to thank Paula Nettles for posting this recipe on The Perfect 10 Diet page.  So simple, so quick, so easy, so I can't wait to make some more!!

There was a brief discussion about other sweeteners - you can use agave in this as well.  Experiment until you find what works best for your taste.  The amount of sweetener in the recipe will make this taste like dark chocolate and not the sweeter stuff!

I think another important detail would be what other lovely fun things could you put in your mixture to make your eyes roll back?  I for one, am a huge fan of the salty chocolate so I added some sea salt on top.

Now just because this is P10 compatible doesn't mean you can eat it all in one serving.  Remember to pace yourself and space it out over a few days!  It also might be a good way to get those who don't care for coconut oil (Bubba) to eat some without knowing it!

Homemade Chocolate

1/2 cup coconut oil, melted
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 heaping teaspoon Stevia, agave or other sweetener
*optional add ins - chopped almonds, chili powder, cinnamon, shaved coconut, etc.

Mix the ingredients together VERY WELL and pour into a 8 inch square flat dish and freeze until solid.  Takes about 15 minutes.
Break apart and store in fridge. Yum!


  1. I made some of this up tonight to give it a go. I added in "1 heaping teaspoon of Stevia" for sweetener per the recipe, but believe me, it was NOT enough! It tasted very bitter just like unsweetened cocoa powder tastes. Whew! I was able to sprinkle some Agave on top to salvage some of it, but if you are going to make this up, I'd certainly suggest adding in much more Stevia, if that's your choice of sweetener, or experimenting with another sweetener choice.

  2. For my second try on this recipe, things turned out much better. I recommend you make a double batch, so the chocolate will come out a bit thicker in the dish. Also, for the sweetener, add 3 TBS of Agave (per batch). I also added chopped walnuts and you end up with a nice dark chocolate treat to be enjoyed over and over.