Friday, May 3, 2013

Nori Wraps

Now remember - Don't knock it until you've tried if you haven't tried nori or you just look at it and go 'eeeeuuuuuwwww' just hear me out...SIT!  Thank you so much.
2 full sheets of nori

Nori, a paper-thin sheet of a roasted and dehydrated seaweed, is used primarily in Japanese cuisine. It commonly serves as a wrapper for sushi rolls. It may also be crumbled for use as a topping or garnish, imparting a sweet but salty taste to dishes. 

However, there's no law that you have to use nori for only Japanese food and certainly no law that it can only be wrapped around rice and raw fish so let's talk nori...

First of all, nori is not a grab and go sort of item.  Once it is wrapped and starts to get moist, it will get a little chewy so wrap and eat one at a time.  Same goes for the cut rolls, try not to let them sit.  Be sure to store nori in a dry place or it will lose its crisp texture.  

Now I wrap EVERYTHING in nori.  And it's darn good.  It's got a nice salty 'snap' to it that I really enjoy.  I will sometimes just eat a sheet of it for funsies.  I keep a package of it on my kitchen table for when the need a fix (of NORI, thank you very much).
  • For breakfast I like eggs and avocado wrapped in nori.
  • At lunch I might mix up tuna or salmon and cream cheese and cucumbers, or avocado and greens and wrap that in nori.
  • For a quick light dinner I have been known to wrap cooked chicken or lunchmeat, cooked veggies and hummus in nori.
  • A light lovely dessert is sliced strawberries and cream cheese wrapped in nori.

To review - some things you could wrap in nori and snack on:

Carrots, cut into strips
Cucumber, cut into strips
Fresh salad greens
Eggs, scrambled or hard baked
Cooked sliced chicken, steak or nitrate free lunchmeat or sausages

Shrimp, Tuna or Salmon
Veggies, roasted or grilled
Fruits - sliced strawberries or apples, raspberries, banana
Cream cheese
Greek yogurt or sour cream
Almond butter

Here's the 'official' instructions on how to wrap these up, but hey, sometimes I just give it the good ole college try, it looks funny but tastes good anyway.  So don't stress about getting it perfect unless your Japanese mother-in-law is coming over.  (Don't laugh - I actually have one of those!)

Hand Rolls
makes 1 serving
1/2 sheet nori and ingredients to fill it
Place nori horizontally in front of you (landscape), smooth shiny side down.  Place other ingredients on the left half of the nori, diagonally (bottom in lower left corner, top in middle top of nori). Take a dab of filling and place it in the upper right corner.
To roll – pick up nori and hold heavy end in left hand, empty end towards you.  Grab bottom left corner and pull it up and to the right WHILE curling the fingers of your left hand towards that corner.  Squeeze gently to firm up roll and use dab of water to seal.

Cut Rolls
makes 1 serving
1 sheet nori and ingredients to fill it
Place nori horizontally in front of you (landscape), smooth shiny side down.  Place other ingredients across the bottom of the sheet. 
Roll tightly, moisten the empty edge and press to seal.  Use a sharp moist knife to cut into pieces.

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