Monday, February 13, 2012

Don't knock it...'til you've tried it

On P10 I bet you're trying a lot of new things.  I like to think I'm a creative person but sometimes, I have a little trouble 'thinking outside the box'.

So, I'll share some things I've tried - and maybe you'll say 'well duh' or maybe you'll say 'hhhmmmm' and then I invite you to share something too - because we can all help each other.  I have a friend at work (Hi K) that is really good with this sort of thing.  I'll tell her A-B-C and she'll say 'what about D?' and D is the best idea of all. 

Still with me?  Let's get started:

I keep a P10 daily journal - I like to write down the hours I slept, how well I slept and how I felt when I woke up.  I write down exercise and I also write down the times I ate and what I ate and track the veg/fruit, protein, fat, dairy and whole grains.   So maybe a bit overboard, but when I can't think of what to eat, I can remind myself of what I've had before that worked.  And if I'm having trouble, I can check and see what it was that might be throwing me off.
Others might like to use a fitness app or tracker for this sort of thing, but it's a good idea no matter how you do it.

Nori - you know, the dried seaweed wrap used to make sushi rolls?  I buy the Yatta! brand Sushi Nori roasted seaweed and it's crispy and a little salty and I love to use it to wrap things up so I don't miss sandwiches so much.  I use them to make egg and bean burritos, or wrap up salad or sandwich fixings, or even wrapping it around strawberries and cream cheese for a sweet and salty treat.

Lettuce wraps- same story, different ingredient.  Find the lettuce leaves that you think would work best for you and wrap away.  Most restaurants will wrap your sandwich or burger in lettuce instead of a bun if you ask them to.   You can still enjoy tacos but without the tortilla.

Salads - well, duh, we are all getting to be very familiar with salads...but do you always do the same old thing or get stuck in a rut?  Here are some ideas for a change of pace:  chopped veggies sauteed in butter; heat up the shrimp, chicken, salmon or other protein before adding it;  goat cheese, avocados, apples, strawberries, black beans, sashimi, pine nuts or sunflower seeds.  How about a new dressing?  Try using salsa, tahini mixed with lemon and water, or lemon and olive oil.  Throw a dollop of warmed coconut oil on your salad and mix it in.

Exploration- head on out to the Farmer's Markets, the health food/natural stores and take some time to explore and see what floats your boat.  Try new things like kefir, almond milk, coconut oil, Rawtella (yes you heard me right, it's organic Nutella and it ROCKS!)
See what new things you can find on the menus now that you're looking for something healthy to eat.  BE CAREFUL about veggie and turkey burgers unless you know how they're made - sometimes they contain ingredients that are not good for anyone on P10.  (The Counter's veggie burger patty is natural and delicious - I recommend it!)

Exercise - even if it's not something you've ever liked to do, find what works for you and stick to it.  If you find that in your ummmm...more mature years that the cardio/jazzercise stuff you liked when you were younger just annoys you, try yoga or pilates or just plain old walking.  You could even walk in place - and yes, they have DVDs for that - Leslie Sansone's series 'START! Walking at Home' is great for when you have limited time or space to work out on.  I dusted off my treadmill and starting watching rented DVDs like The Big Bang Theory while I walk and then I'm done before I know it, and enjoying it too.

Anyway, enough about me - what about YOU?  Please comment below and share what rings your bell or something you've found that makes your P10 journey fun for you - and that way, we can all benefit from sharing ideas.  Thanks everyone!


  1. Hi Joley! I'm enjoying your blog. I made the no noodle veggie lasagne yesterday and it was delicious! I'm only on week 2 of stage 1 and needed something like that to perk up my meals!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks so much Cheryl - I appreciate it. I want to try and focus on info for Stage 1 peeps because there's so much to learn and try.

  3. Joley, thanks for taking this on!! Love the roasted veggies and plan on trying that as soon as I get back home. We are traveling in south Texas right now, and so far we've been really good at staying on the diet. It is truly amazing how easy it can be to manipulate a menu and stay within the guidelines! Even Italian!! We are really happy with the new way of eating and I plan on staying with it for life. Thanks so much again for your encouraging posts and for putting a place out there for all of us to share our ideas with each other. You rock!!

  4. Yey for someone blogging about Perfect 10 and YEY for new recipes. I will defenently give these a go once I cycle through the book. Thanks for adding flavor to our lives :)

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