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Whey Protein Semi-Fast

Note - I am not an expert and do not have a medical background.  This is all information I found online and put together to use for myself.  (I did show this info to the P10 advisors and they said it was fine.)  I have tried this protein semi-fast and don't worry, you know I will chime in with my two cents (as per usual).

You will have to find a whey powder that works for you and one that you can afford and find easily.  I like to use Bob's Red Mill Whey Protein ConcentrateIt tastes fine, mixes well and isn't chalky.  You just have to do your best - whey protein with no added chemicals can be hard to find.  The P10 Facebook page recommends that you should ask at your local GNC and also look into Orgain and Nutiva products.

If your weight is stuck in a certain place, this will certainly kick start your weight loss again.  I personally feel that you should wait until Stage 2 to do this fast, only because (I think) we need to get used to that Stage 1 eating experience first.  But the advisors on the P10 Facebook page say it's fine for Stage 1 so have at it!

Here are some ideas that make the shakes taste a whole lot mindful of what you're adding or you may just be spinning your wheels with regard to taking the weight off:  small amounts (1-2 tsp) of truvia, stevia or agave, 1-2 tbsp cocoa powder, fiber powder, and mixing in some almond milk or coconut water with (or instead of) the regular water.  And yes, I added coffee to my morning shake - don't judge.

As for the greens, breakfast was weird, lunch was a salad/veggies with lemon and olive oil and dinner was usually a roasted green vegetable like asparagus, broccoli or Brussels sprouts.  I really didn't want greens for breakfast so usually the shake was enough.  I did the semi-fast for three days and then I was ready to be done.  But I would definitely do it again.

I wasn't very hungry at all and didn't get light-headed or feel weak, and I did have enough energy to exercise lightly each day as well.

Almost forgot - I lost about one pound a day while doing this fast.

Whey Protein Semi-Fast

Fasting has long been recognized as a way for the body to cleanse itself of toxins in the body as well as clear the intestines of built up waste.  You'll use a high-quality protein source coupled with a non-starchy vegetable for extra nutrients.

Things You'll Need
High quality whey protein powder
Supply of frozen or fresh green leafy vegetables

Determine the length of your fast. Some people fast only a day at a time, but generally a fast should be prolonged for three days or more if possible. If you know that you will be eating out or going to any social gatherings, you may want to plan your fast around that event so that you do not set yourself up for failure. Once you have determined the length of your fast and when you will start it, stick with it until you have finished completely.

Ingest one whey protein shake three times a day. The shake should consist of one to three scoops of whey protein mixed with filtered water.  It appears that the ratio is 6 oz. water to 1 scoop powder (the amount of the ‘scoop’ depends on what 1 serving of your protein powder is) 

Along with the protein shake you should be consuming one serving, which is 1 cup, of a green leafy vegetable, such as broccoli. This will help the body to feel full longer and provide it with necessary fiber to help cleanse the intestinal tract.

Be prepared for hunger pangs. Take additional supplements to assist with any shortcomings from your current consumptions. A good multi-vitamin, vitamin B, C, E, and fish oil capsules should be adequate.

Limit exercise during your fasting phase. You energy stores will be low because your diet will be limited to a protein source and vegetables which are low in calories. You should experience a significant amount of weight loss during this period without vigorous exercise. Make your activity level equal to light walking for about 30 minutes per day. Light stretching may also be necessary to keep the body in a heightened state of fitness when cutting out exercise.  You’ll likely feel healthier than you have in your entire life, but you may not feel your strongest.

End the fast gradually. Do not gorge yourself with large amounts of food once the fast is over. Your stomach will shrink during this absence of food.  You will be hungry when the fast is over. The lack of carbohydrates and fats in your diet increase your urge to eat. When you end the fast, start by having a moderate sized meal consisting of more whey protein, leafy green vegetables, and another food source such as a small piece of meat or a carbohydrate source.

Transition back to a more normal diet during the same amount of time it took to do the fast itself. If you fast for three days, then take another three days to gradually add regular foods back in. Also, be sure not to fast too often. You can allow time for intermittent fasting on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on how long you intend to fast.

You do not lose muscle mass during a two day fast. You do lose water. When you go to the gym your muscles pump up - A few hours later or a day later the muscles reduce in mass. They are just as strong but they have less fluid. Fat has 3600 calories per pound that is easy to break down and is designed as a energy storage so why would your body use valuable muscle tissue that only has 1817 calories per pound and is hard to break down. Your body also has reduced salt levels and that reduces cellular water retention.

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