Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Flashback-Wheat Free Pizza

I'm going to pretend that the Friday Flashbacks are more due to cleverness than because of laziness, so please play along with me. 

There are a lot of new arrivals to the blog and I'm not sure how far back they are looking so I'd like to spend some Fridays highlighting former posts that I think people would really love to try.  And yes, to give myself a break.  For a while there I was cooking something new every night to keep up with y'all and since P10 has given me all this lovely energy and health, I'd like to spend some of that outside or having fun (did that just come from MY mouth? P10 does work miracles!).

So let's start our Friday Flashback with Wheat Free Pizza, a favorite Wheat Belly recipe. 

Run out to get the ingredients, make it for dinner tonight and impress your family! 

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