Monday, June 25, 2012

CoonAss Salsa

So, like I'm always sayin', I'm not into too much spicy stuff but I think quite a few of you would enjoy this recipe, courtesy of Susie Rowland.  You can always kick it up or down a notch according to your preference, and remember, if you leave the pepper seeds in it will be spicier!

And, yes I did look up the word before I posted this.  Wikipedia says:
Coonass, or Coon-ass, is used in reference to a person of Cajun ethnicity. Many consider it an insult but others consider it a compliment or badge of honor.
So please consider it a badge of honor and not an insult because I don't believe it's intended in that way.  Or print this out, cross out the offensive word and write 'Cajun' in its place.

Here's Susie's recipe - make a huge batch and try it on salad, chicken, veggies, etc.

Talking about Mexican food got me thinking about salsa.
Here's a great recipe for homemade salsa:

CoonAss Salsa
recipe courtesy of Susie Rowland

2 15 oz. cans diced tomatoes, drained
1/3 onion, chunked
Cilantro leaves (about 1/2 bunch - leaves only)
Juice from 1/2 lime
Jalapenos (we use "tamed" sliced jalapenos - about 3 spoonfuls; could also use fresh or even hotter peppers)

Place onion and cilantro in food processor; pulse 4 or 5 times. Add jalapenos and pulse another 1 or 2 times. Add drained tomatoes and lime juice; pulse again. Check consistency - you can make it chunky or smoother. Ready to eat!!

I like a little extra lime juice and a touch of garlic salt. Also, I would prefer it hotter, but this is a great salsa for a crowd. Not too hot, but doesn't just lay there, either. LOL!

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