Monday, August 13, 2012

I Deserve It!

The other day was a tough one at work, I was fried by lunchtime.  What I really needed to do was get out of the office and relax, spend some quiet time just breathing deeply and having a great lunch.  So, for a minute or two I sat there and thought about where I was going to go and what sounded good to eat…when lo and behold, who should stick their head into my cubicle but my former ‘beforeP10’ self…someone I hadn’t talked to in a while.

Old self:  “So, having a bad day?  You know what would be awesome!  How about a grilled pastrami and cheddar sandwich and onion rings with ranch and maybe a chocolate shake…that would be sooooo good and you deserve it!”

P10 self:  “That does sound really good!  But I don’t eat like that anymore.  Eating like that makes me feel like crap – sick, bloated, nauseous, and self-loathing.  No thanks!”

Old self:  “Oh but we could just go where no one would even know, and just for once, indulge and really let yourself enjoy it!  You deserve it!”

P10 self:  “Wait…what?  I deserve to be upset, nauseous and gassy?  Whose side are you on anyway?”

Old self:  “No, I just mean..the food, the pastrami, the cheese, the fried onion rings…it’s just so…goooood…and you’ve been working hard and stressing a bit so you really really deserve it!”

P10 self:  “You know, I USED to think that way…but now I realize that I DESERVE BETTER!!  Look at me!  Healthier, happier, more relaxed and looking and feeling great – THAT’S what I deserve!  That’s what feels good – and that’s what’s awesome!  I think you’d better leave now ‘cause I'ma slap you upside the head in a minute!”

Old self:  “Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!  So sorry!  That used to be your cure-all for a crappy day and I thought you’d like to indulge yourself a little…I know when I’m not wanted!”

She left and I was glad to see her go…she didn’t get it.  Yes, I deserve to relax and unwind and get my second wind and feel better going back to work, but a greasy sandwich, onion rings and chocolate shake are not the answer.  I went out and had a lovely meal of butter sautéed fish and some creamed spinach and sent the bread basket back. 

That’s what I deserved.  I deserved to feel good, and look great and take good care of myself.  And so do you.  So if your former ‘before P10’ self rears its ugly head and tries to talk to into something that’s not part of your new P10 lifestyle, tell it to take a hike (well, you know they won’t, they’ll probably eat ice cream in front of the TV) – so you take that hike, and feel great about yourself and hang in there.

Take care of yourself! 


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  2. Way to stay strong and think clearly!