Monday, March 12, 2012

Grab N Go - Be Prepared

Trena says - I would love to see some make ahead “grab and go” breakfast or lunch ideas. I'm not one to jump out of bed and eat or even look at food for a couple hours. I usually just bring hard boiled eggs and cheese to work.
Thanks for your input Trena - that's a good idea!  I'm sure we can all use some ideas for how to get out the door a little faster in the mornings.  Working out and then eating breakfast at anme is killing my schedule in the mornings - I sit, eat and relax and enjoy...and then run screaming into the shower and out the door.  Well, yes, I do get dressed first...

Now, depending on where you work and what you have, you’ll need to get creative.  I’m lucky, I have a fridge and freezer and microwave and toaster oven at my office so I can get a little free and easy with my ideas.  So, I’ll tell you what I do and in the comments, mention what you could do at your workplace and that way everyone can learn from our ideas.

Breakfast ideas:
Overnight oatmeal – make it the night before, throw it in a Tupperware and run out the door.

Quiche – make ahead, cut into squares and pack it ready to take with you.  Or freeze and keep a few pieces at work for breakfast or lunch.

Do you know you can microwave a scrambled egg?  Get a bowl, wipe it with oil or butter, crack an egg into it, scramble with a fork, cook on high for 30 seconds.  Easy peasy.

Breakfast bowl – the night before, layer a Tupperware dish with:  1/2 cup refried beans, 1/2 medium sliced avocado, 1-2 scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese.  Take with you and heat it up at work.

Breakfast pita/burrito – (Stage 2) the night before, load up the whole wheat pita/tortilla with your cooked eggs, veggies, beans, cheese, etc.  Wrap it up to go.

But what if I forget? – when I need to remember to take something with me, I put my car keys in a different spot inside my purse or clip them to the strap, then, when I reach for them, I’ll think ‘why is that different?’ and then I’ll remember – grab the food in the fridge!

Lunch ideas:

For lunch, my grab and go plan is ‘already went’ (huh?).  Each Monday I bring my backup lunch kit to work and leave it there so I can fall back on it if I need a last minute breakfast or lunch or forget to pack something the night before.  Items may vary according to your work situation and preferences, of course.
Bring fresh items in weekly: salad greens, veggies, avocado, cheese, hardboiled eggs, veggies, hummus, fruit, eggs, whole wheat bread or pitas

Keep on hand:  a can of tuna, a package of nori, frozen veggie burger patties, coconut water, coconut milk, protein powder, cocoa powder, truvia, olive oil, coconut oil

Anytime I’m stuck without lunch, I can throw together a nori rollup or salad made with veggie patty or tuna, greens, avocado, and cream cheese or even whip up a protein shake.  I use a plastic bottle with a tight lid to shake up the smoothie.
Take your dinner leftovers and freeze them and keep them at work for backup or at home for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Birthday parties at work!

Of course, less than 1 week into my P10, someone decided to surprise us all by bringing in gourmet cupcakes - I'm talking this place WON Cupcakes Wars on Food Network good.   While they were setting up and everyone getting excited, I ran to the kitchen, sliced up a banana in a bowl, sprinkled it with cocoa and sat down with everyone else.  People asked 'what flavor did you get?' and I'd smile and say "chocolate banana!".  So everyone else either ate too much cupcake...or ran out and hid under their desks until the coast was clear.  And I sat there and enjoyed myself.

Use your noggin and come up with some ways you can head trouble off at the pass!
1 serving = a whole lotta sense and a huge load off your mind!


  1. Karen Kramer also posted this helpful info on the FB site: I make a big batch of oatmeal and break it down into several individual servings, pop in microwave in the morning, add some berries, done. I also chop all my veggies on the weekend and put in ziploc bags so I don't have chopping to do each day. Grate cheese and put in ziploc so it's always handy. Have all my fruits washed and in ziploc bags in fridge so they're ready to go. Make a batch of dried beans every couple of weeks. I buy the assorted beans, soak them, cook them up with seasonings and they're ready to add to salads, add to veggies, eat as a side, make a soup. I find if I spend part of a day doing things that will last me all week, it really doesn't seem so labor intensive!
    I even will make a big pan of eggs, spinach, mushrooms and cheese and just heat some up each morning for a quick breakfast. I've been doing this now for 2-1/2 months and it just keeps getting easier and you learn the tricks.

    1. Thanks, Joley, I hope my hints are helpful to some! I also prepare brown rice and quinoa in bulk so I always have it available. I took some of the quinoa the other day and added black beans, corn, onion and a little mexican spice and it was delicious! I'm not a big fan of quinoa yet, so I'm looking for ways to liven up the taste a bit! Has anyone else found and/or experimented with any good quinoa recipes? Started P10 January 7 and this morning's weigh-in showed I was at a 21 lb. weight loss!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!

    2. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! I am looking into some receipes for quinoa...I found one on pinterest...I will try it and let you know...:)

    3. I enjoy quinoa...I guess I've been going so long with out any pasta I just find it delicious and filling. I make it up ahead of time in a large batch and reserve some plain to enjoy as breakfast with almond milk, stevia and fruit and coconut sprinkled on top. Really good. You can warm it in the microwave or eat it cold. The remainder I toss with finely diced sweet onion, celery and parsley or cilantro, toss with a little walnut or other nut oil and lemon juice. To this I can then add whatever protien I have on hand. Grilled chicken, browned ground turkey, shrimp, tuna, chopped hard boiled egg, etc. It makes a hearty lunch or dinner. You can also add some other fresh veggies as you like. Tomotoes, cucumbers etc. Though I add those fresh right before serving. I hope you try this idea for quick and easy meals with guinoa.

  2. We started the same day - I'm down 17 so double whoo hoo to us!
    Have you tried quinoa for breakfast? Oh boy, so good. Just treat like oatmeal, warmed with a little cream or butter and some sweetener or fruit or some cocoa....

    1. No, I haven't tried it for breakfast -- I will do that tomorrow morning for sure! Thanks! And congrats on your weight loss!!! My family is laughing at me -- I went on this plan because, number 1, it made sense to me intellectually, unlike so many other diet plans, and number 2, because I had quit smoking in December of 2010 and gained 15 pounds and was feeling just awful. So now my family says, you quit smoking, you don't drink, you eat healthy, you're just no fun anymore!!!! They're just kidding though, they're very proud of me and tell me that all the time to keep encouraging me. I thought I would be happy losing 20 pounds, but once I got there I decided to go for another 20 so I can buy a new wardrobe!!!!

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