Friday, March 2, 2012

What am I doing WRONG?

So many FB posts have this woeful question and there are many who jump in to help, by using examples from the book and from their everyday lives.  This post talks about the food you’re eating and what you need to watch out for.

I happen to be the Queen of Wrong, the Princess of Merrily Doing What I Think is the Right Path and then finding out – it’s not.  Screeeeeech of brakes, scratch that, reverse it.  P10 is an easy do-over starting with your next meal.  Remember, it’s not so much a diet as it is a lifestyle.  And, you didn’t gain all the weight in two months, so it’s not all coming off in two months either!  So take a deeeep breath and let’s think about this together, shall we?


Bonus Chapter - there is another extra chapter to the P10 Book, it is available on The Perfect 10 Diet's website.  Many people have trouble downloading it. 

If you do, I have attached a link to it:  P10 Bonus Chapter
If you can't 'save as' then use the other mouse button to click on the book and 'download document'
It contains info about portion sizes that we all need!

It is a quick chapter that addresses the correct portion sizes and how to guesstimate portion sizes if you’re out and about.  It has questions and answers set up for your reference, and includes pages you can make into a Daily Journal to track what you’re eating.  I copied the info I wanted into a little cheat sheet for myself for easy reference (and you guys on the FB page just thought I was smart – I’m just highly organized!).

If you don’t keep one already, once again, I highly extremely massively humongously urge you to keep some sort of food journal/diary.  Some people like to use apps on their phone but I prefer writing because I can log in extra info that I want to keep track of, especially how I am feeling when I wake up so I can keep track of how the food is affecting me.  And that has been a valuable resource, believe me.  Plus, when I can’t think of what to eat, I can go back and see what I’ve done before.

So…what am I doing WRONG?

Portion sizes – check the Bonus Chapter information and see if you are overdoing the portion sizes and/or servings per day. 

Hidden traps – one woman realized that by eating flavored yogurt she was actually ingesting a lot of extra sugar.  READ the labels and do your best to stay away from hidden sugar, trans fats and chemicals.   I know how hard it is to find/afford stuff that is completely, totally and magically all natural so just be aware and read the labels.  Even stuff labeled ‘organic’ has stuff in it that shouldn’t be there.  And don’t get me started on yeast – one week I didn’t lose at all and found out that the ‘organic all natural’ whey protein I was using contained brewer’s yeast and I went back to my food diary and noticed that that every time I used that whey protein, I felt yucky later.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner – remember you want a big breakfast, a medium lunch and a light dinner.  And try not to eat too late.  Yes, I fall asleep to a little tummy growling sometimes but I’m better off for it and you will be too. 

Snacks – are you snacking?  It should be a rare thing on P10, not a daily thing.  There are some exceptions based on your lifestyle (nursing, weightlifting, etc.) but stop nibbling.  Three squares a day please.

Fats – real fats, not fake fats.  Don’t be scared, it really does work.  Make sure you’re using real butter.  Try avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.  Stay away from non-stick spray, vegetable oil and canola oil.  Eat at least three servings of real fat a day.

Time for Timer!
I hanker for a hunk of cheese!

Dairy – this is my kryptonite.  I would work for cheese.  Starting on P10 I ran out and bought lots and lots of lovely cheese.  If I had paid better attention the first time through the book, I would have realized that we need to hold it down to ONE serving of dairy per day…ONE…uno, no more than two, max.  And remember, it must be full fat dairy – the low fat stuff will sabotage your progress on P10.

Fruit – if you’re not losing the weight, cut back to one serving of fruit a day and definitely no more than two.  Remember, a banana or an apple are two servings – again, please check the Bonus Chapter info.

Water – drink plenty of water.  Ice water burns more calories because your body tries to warm itself up. 

Technical questions?  Remember, P10 has a hotline you can call to get more info.
It appears to be a toll free number: 

Hope you found all this info helpful.  This blog isn’t just about recipes, it’s about providing support (both to you and to me).   


  1. Joley, thanks for posting this! It's great to re-evaluate your progress and eating plan; my kryptonite recently has been nuts. Nuts are good; natural fat, right? Well, it helps to measure them out (approx. 1 oz. is a serving) into little snack plastic bags . . . . and then hide the can!! Otherwise, it's way too easy to nibble just a few more. I get so excited about the weight that I've lost, that I want the scale to go down faster, but patience is indeed a virtue. I have faith that it will continue to go down, as long as I keep on with P10. Bless Trena for asking me to do this with her!

  2. Just found your blog and am thrilled to have you to help me and answer my questions. I have tried and tried to download the bonus chapter and it keeps kicking me back to the home page. I've tried to use the "forgot your password" function to no avail. It keeps telling me the token is invalid even tho I copy and paste. So frustrated, I want the bonus chapter. For Lent I decided to do Atkins induction while I read the Perfect 10 Diet book and I'm hooked. I'm starting to incorporate some of the principals while still doing Atkins and looking for the stuff I'll need after Easter- like Agave, Stevia, etc. I figure that P10 will be a breeze after almost 7 weeks of Atkins!

  3. Hi I am italian. Thanks for all details you put in this blog...however I you know if there someone like you in Italy to ask for tips on perfect 10 diet? As you can see from this comment my English is not so good and it is not easy to understand your advices

    I started Perfect 10 Diet on January, but not lose weight yet although I feel much better.
    Surely I am, wrong in servings, too much fat and fruit

    having read again Perfetct 10 diet and your blog, this is now my food schedule (every day)

    breakfast 2 eggs cooked with butter, 1 slice of cheese, fruit salad (kiwi, orange or melon) coffee with 1 teaspoon of liquid cream

    lunch fresh or cooked vegetables + meat or fish (e, g, mixed salad with smoked salmon)

    dinner vegetables (e.g. chikory cooked with olive oil, chili and garlic) + poultry or fish

    You know in Italy we cook with fresh ingredients and not processed food, I dressed only with organic extra virgin olive oil,,,anyway I believe my sin is cheese and nuts,,,I ate them too much and now I cut them to 1 serving a day

    Thank you

    Gio Rome, Italy

    1. Sorry Gio - I don't know anyone in Italy that can help but I will try. I think your English is good. It is good to have less cheese and nuts. Your food schedule looks good. Do you exercise?