Friday, March 30, 2012

OMG Smoothie

My pretty pretty food journal....

I know, I know, we’re supposed to have a large breakfast, a medium lunch and a small dinner.  But sometimes my day turns out like a rushed breakfast, I forgot about lunch and what the heck will I make for dinner.  This smoothie is my favorite fast breakfast.  I only have one cup of coffee a day and this is how I like it.  I’ve stopped going to Starbucks but I miss their wonderful fantastical concoctions of coffee.  So now I can have my concoction and drink it too.  And it’s much cheaper!

I just throw this together so it’s really flexible if you’d rather have more or less of something.  If you don’t want to use coffee then just use almond milk. 

The famous food journal entry....

I like my smoothies nice and cold, so I pour them over ice or use frozen banana.  The trick is to take the bananas that are getting brown, peel them, put on a paper plate, cut them in half and chop each half into small dice-sized pieces, and put the plate in the freezer.  Then I just reach in and grab my handy dandy frozen half a nanner all ready to go.

I named it OMG Smoothie because the first time I made it I wrote in my food journal “OMG Shake!” and a legend was born.

OMG Smoothie
makes one large smoothie

6-8 oz coffee
2-4 tablespoons half n half or cream or almond milk, whatever you got
1 tablespoon almond butter
1/2 banana, cut into small pieces
1 scoop protein powder (I like Bob’s Red Mill Whey Protein Powder)
1 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tsp agave
fiber powder (optional, I like Metamucil Clear and Natural) 

Put all the liquid in the bottom of the blender first, then add the rest of the ingredients.  Blend at high speed until smooth or everyone in the house comes to the kitchen to ask why you’re making so much noise this dang early in the morning.

1 smoothie = 1 protein serving, 1 fruit serving, 1 fat serving

PS:  do we really need a picture?  If it has tentacles sticking out the top you did it wrong, otherwise, if it looks chocolaty smooth and delicious then you’re okay.

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  1. OMG seriously looks good! May have to try it tomorrow!
    Linda B