Friday, March 9, 2012

What You Are Doing RIGHT!

Too many times we bemoan the fact that the extra 50 pounds didn’t come off in two months like we’d hoped.  Sometimes we think “oh man, that other person on the FB site is losing weight like crazy and I’m not”  A while back someone posted “I’ve only lost 15 pounds!”  Only?  That’s a guaran-freakin-teed miracle right there folks! (we laughed about it later).

As some wise women once told me “it’s not a contest! – be kind to yourself!”

I’ve posted a few times on what issues you need to watch out for and how to do better on P10.  But come on people – you’ve got to be doing at least something right!  Do you feel better than you used to?  Do you look better?  Well then, there you go…put on your party hats and celebrate…

What have You Gained?

Some people notice an immediate reaction to P10, others take a few days.  There is a pattern that the first few days are ‘wheeeeeee’ and then around day five (body detox day) is ‘bleh’ (yes, these are all scientific terms) but after that, you really feel the effects of eating clean and taking care of yourself.  Elisa on the P10 FB site commented "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels"

Skin – check it out – it’s much softer, less dry.  And your face is clearing up.

Clothes – do you feel them getting looser?  Are you holding up your pajama pants with both hands just to walk around the house?  Are you shopping in your closet for things you haven’t worn in a long time?

Energy – who is that strange person running around your house doing chores and getting things done.  I like her, she can stay!    

Eating Phat–I wish I had a nickel for all of the funny looks I get from people when they see what I’m eating and still losing weight.  They see me eatin’, they hatin’

Feeling fine – I’ve never felt as good as I do lately.  Plus, you can feel that P10 is restoring some of your vim, vigor and youthfulness.  Not to mention some of those hormones are now kicking into gear…

Sleeping better - have you noticed that you are sleeping better?  Easier to go to sleep and stay asleep (apologies to new mothers, that's not your fault!)  I love the feeling of waking up and feeling like I really got some rest. 

Better health– I’ve had people tell me their diabetes and cholesterol are improving.  I’ve read the testimonials that formerly infertile people can get pregnant following P10.  I’ve noticed my husband has a much improved memory and increased energy following P10. 

You 'cut your hair'  When you start to lose weight people ask what’s different…a new haircut, a new outfit, etc.  They can see the changes in you but may not be sure of what it is.  My dad looked at me and said ‘are you changing?’  And then he asked to read my blog.  My dad’s the best.

You’re counting UP with P10!  So now, take a minute and tell yourself:  "Great job!  I’m proud of you.  Keep on keeping on!  Every little bit helps.  Did I leave the iron on?  You can do this for life!"

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, and although he may never see this-


  1. Hi, just wanted to give you kudos for starting this blog and staying with it! I am against deprivation dieting (which the 1st phase kind of is), but the plan is really just a practical guide to doing what we know we should do. I hope to implement most of the ideas and suggestions, but will struggle without my wine for the first 3 weeks! I'll bookmark you! Best of luck!

  2. Joley.....I so love p 10....I could say I wish I had this years ago but you know what it doesn't matter I have it now!!!!! Thank you for being there for me and I too, would love to thank the good Doctor!!!!!!